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Reunion 2019

As it says in the headline, we shall be trying out a new venue for our reunion in 2019. For a number of years now we have had our reunions at the Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea but with falling numbers attending a change has become due.

So, remember the dates - 12th to 15th April 2019 at The Royal Maritime Club Hotel.


Over the years many photographs have been sent usually with very little, if anything to say who is in the photograph. They may have lain in someone's ditty box for years and perhaps they have forgotten too! Some have come from relatives having found them in a late Shipmate's belongings. Our current Archivist, Keith Batchelor, has spent much time in scanning them and would now like your help. There are over 100 photographs and we can only display a few at a time. the second batch is now shown below. If you recognise anyone in any of the photos, please let us know. Please revisit from time to time to look at the next lot. Thanks

Photo No. 17 Photo No. 18
Photo No. 18 Photo No. 20
Photo No. 21 Photo No. 22
Photo No. 23 Photo No. 24
Photo No. 26 Photo No. 26
Photo No. 27 Photo No. 28
Photo No. 29 Photo No. 30
Photo No. 31 Photo No. 32
Photo No. 33 Photo No. 34
Photo No. 35 Photo No. 36
Photo No. 37 Photo No. 38
Photo No. 39 Photo No. 40


As we all know, Archivists never stop delving into the past, and ours, Keith Batchelor, is no different. This time though his quest was to find out the names of those who commanded the first four HM ships named Cossack. He succeeded and their names have been added to the history of each ship in the HISTORY section, just click on the button.


As reported previously, a recent visit to Ponta Delgada in the Azores by HMS SCOTT provided the opportunity for someone to check on the graves of two COSSACK men who were buried there in 1941.

When HMS COSSACK was torpedoed and sunk in October 1941 many survivors were pulled out of the sea by boats from HMS LEGION and HMS CARNATION. Two taken aboard the Legion were Stoker 1st Class H.J. Springall and Able Seaman R.J.G. Wallace. Both were badly wounded and needed urgent hospital treatment. Legion steamed for Ponta Delgada, the Azores being neutral territory, and landed them there. Unfortunately they both died of their wounds in hospital and were buried in the British Protestant Cemetery.

The photograph below showed, in our view, a lack of care and attention if not neglect. Consequently a letter was sent to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission with the photographs asking whether something could be done to improve things.

The CWGC responded that, in their view, the photographs show no evidence of a state of neglect as the headstones are accessible, clearly marked and free from disturbance. They said that because of the remoteness of the location they rely on the sevices of the church. They said that the cemetary caretaker was currently on leave but we could be aasured that both the grass and the headstone cleaning would be tended to on his return. Our letter had been passed onto the Area Horticultural Manager who is reviewing the current maintenance agreements with this and other remote sites in the Azores with a view to establishing a more comsistent maintenance regime.

We hope that anyone visiting Ponta Delgada will look in on the cemetary and keep us up-to-date with photographs.

Ponta Delgada Graves1


In early 2010 we learned that our late shipmate Stoker Mechanic David Morris (D57 1954/56) left £1000 to the Association when he died the previous year. It was decided that it should be used for something worthwhile, not frittered away. However, it wasn't until our 2011 AGM that it was decided to use it to create a joint archive with the Imperial War Museum/HMS BELFAST and HMS COSSACK so that the public would be able to see some of the information, etc that our Archivists, Keith Batchelor and his predecessor Reg Doring, have put together over the years. However, the project had ground to a halt and nothing had been achieved by the time the 2013 Reunion and AGM came around and it was therefore decided to pull the plug.

At this year's AGM we were given a presentation by Finn Nesvold about the new Visitor Centre to be created on the shores of Jossingfjord. An old power station building has been donated by the local mining company, the design and plans have been drawn up and now comes the most difficult part, raising the funds. After the presentation it was proposed that the Morris Bequest of £1000 should be given to them to help towards that part of the visitor centre which will be dedicated to HMS Cossack and the Altmark Incident. This was carried unanimously. Immediately our President, Admiral Sir James Eberle, said that he would double the amount so now they have £2000 towards their costs. Finn, and Dag Sorensen who was also present, both of whom are leading lights on this project, were overwhelmed and most appreciative.


If you have looked through the HISTORY section of this site you will have seen that in February 1940 Cossack boarded the Altmark in Jossingfjord, Norway and rescued 299 merchant seaman held as prisoners. Subsequently, when the Nazis occupied Norway, they erected a board on shore near the spot where the boarding took place. When the allies had driven the Nazis out British airborne forces "liberated" the board, which was double sided, gave one side to Admiral Vian and the other went onto their museum.

A Norwegian historical group, the Lister Defence Historical Association based at Lista airfield, not far from Jossingfjord, wished to have a replica of the board for their museum, Festung Lista. It was created by one of their local members, Asbjorn Skoien, and, as you can see in the photograph below, he has done a fantastic job. Compare it with the one to the right, the original, which was donated by Admiral Vian's daughters and now in the RN Museum, HM Dockyard, Portsmouth.

Altmark Board Altmark Sign


Over the last few years many requests have been received for information about someone's father or grandfather who was thought to have served in either Cossack (L03) or Cossack (D57). Where we had information, we passed it on. However, the information we had was, and still is, very limited. Our association has no access to MOD records, although a while ago our Archivist, Keith Batchelor, was allowed to work through some of the Victualling records of L03 to try to glean the names of those aboard.

For the uninitiated, HM ships ran a system called "Victualling and Checking" in order that the Supply Officer could claim the appropriate allowance of food, etc for those aboard. A man joining the ship would be "victaulled in" and when he left he would be "checked out". The Victualling and Check Lists were also used to pass this information to Pay Offices.

Enough of the history though ! Supplemented by information received from those who joined the association and from relatives, we now have a reasonable, but not definitive, lists of those who served in the ships. We have therefore decided to make these available on line. To access, click on the button marked SHIPS CO. on the left side of this page.

Our hope was , and is, that it would encourage others to come forward with information to add to our knowledge. Recently we heard from a neighbour of Walter Scott, a Telegraphist, who joined Cossack (D57) in 1945 on her commissioning. We knew from another shipmate that a W. Scott had been aboard but not when or anything else. Now we know more about him thanks to that friendly neighbour.


Our Archivist, Keith Batchelor, has been beavering away and has now produced a list of the names of the merchant seamen who were rescued from the German prison ship ALTMARK on 16th February 1940. This is now on line and can be accessed by clicking on the SHIPS CO. button on the left of this page.


In March and April of 2010 the magazine produced an article in two parts about the Altmark Incident. We have been privileged to receive copies of these and permission to promulgate them in our newsletter and here on the web site. These are in the .pdf format and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Altmark Incident - Part 1: ALTMARK - Part 1

Altmark Incident - Part 2: ALTMARK - Part 2

Following on, in June and July of 2011 the magazine produced another article, in which Cossack features, about the BISMARCK action. Again in two parts, these can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Bismarck Action - Part 1: BISMARCK - Part 1

Bismarck Action - Part 2: BISMARCK - Part 2

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